SSI-1000 Alpha-Numeric Wafer ID Exposure System
The SSI-1000 is an automated or manual loading wafer
identification system that can expose up to 20 alpha-
numeric characters across the wafer flat or any other
The SSI-1000 uses a unique 375 nm photo-exposure
light engine that is equally effective with both positive
and negative photoresists.

The SSI-1000 is designed for glass and compound
semiconductor substrates that are susceptible to stress
cracks and particle contamination from laser-based
wafer ID systems. Photo exposure requires no
mechanical contact with the wafer surface.

  • Full Alpha-Numerics
  • 20+ character capability
  • Auto-sequencing mode
  • Negative or Positive photoresists
  • 1”-12” wafer capability
  • Capable of processing thick or thin substrates
  • Capable of square or rectangular substrates
Stress Cracks on Flat Panel Glass
Substrate from a Laser Marking
The SSI-1000 provides an inexpensive
alternative method of creating wafer
IDs without the use of a YAG or CO2
laser marking system.
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