The Solaris Eclipse  is a Benchtop Rapid Thermal Processing
system with High Vacuum compatibility. The Eclipse is designed
for long process recipes requiring high temperatures for
extended periods.

Samples up to 150mm in diameter including 6" square can be
accomodated. The advanced temperature measurement
technique and state of the art signal conditioners allow  the PID
graphical software controller to maintain stable and repeatable
temperatures through a wide process application base. The
system is provided with a the latest pentuim PC with Windows
compatible software for editing recipes and process data logging.

-Tabletop System with minimal footprint

-Enhanced Oven Cooling for unlimited heating times at >1200C

-Vacuum compatible with Turbo pump as an option

-Compatible with All Hazardous gases including  H2, NH3 SiH4

-Lamps close to wafer

-Quartz chamber

-Gold Reflectors for extended lamp lifetimes

-Three or Four Zone Lamp Control (F, C, B, Top or Bottom)
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MPT 600s  wafer ID wafer marking
Solaris Eclipse Vacuum Rapid Thermal Diffusion & Oxidation System